Game art portfolio




Lane Warrior is a mobile game project Im working on together with a programmer Bartek Niewiadomski. Im responsible for the game design and all visual aspects of the project. This is an animated showcase of how the gameplay and shop menu are suposed to look.

I've animated these 2 awesomenauts characters as an animation intern at Ronimo Games in Utrecht.
I was also responsible for the In-game implementation and SFX for the characters.


Dawid Wrucinski

Hiya! Im Dawid Wrucinski aka Kajito
I am a General Game Artist with passions for the craft,
providing teams with illustrations/animations/concepts/UI
as well as general help in engine as a young technical artist.
Im comfortable in various artstyles from sharp ink cartoons
to pixel art.
If you think your team could use someone
like me don't hesitate and send me an e-mail!

To contact me please send a mail to the following

You can find my Curriculum vitae / Resume here